16 June 2013

Look on the bright side ...

... of craft fairs.
I am lucky to live near to a fantabulous monthly craft fair.
Warkton Village Craft Fair.
It's a great place to visit as a seller and a buyer.
Always has a variety of carefully selected stalls.
Set in a pretty picturesque setting.
Organized by 2 lovely ladies who enjoy what they do and it shows.

Yet the last few have been poorly attended.
This is where i start singing Eric Idle
--- Always look on the bright side ---

It can be disheartening to sit at a stall for a day and see few people come through the doors sooooooo
let's find the positive from that day.

You will meet people
Some will not make eye contact or respond to your cheery hello
there will be some who appreciate what you do and ask questions, take time to look at your work and ask about your hobby.
In my case i get people talking about their favourite books, characters they wanted to be when young, even had people saying i've made them smile and brought back forgotten memories.

Use your business cards
people may just browse and walk away
there are people who will attend a fair not realising what it is, not taking enough money, just passing by and genuinely want to buy your work. They will look at items/objects/creations and pick up a card as they walk away. You may find they contact you later and ask for a title they saw or even a custom order.

Little things please little people
Children will look with their hands
use this to your advantage.
Put something pocket money pieces at the front. Pieces they can touch and if it gets grubby it can easily be replaced or discarded with none or little cost to yourself.
Children are drawn to small or bright things and will happily drag a parent across a room to something they like. (Make a point of mentioning it's a tester though so they don't run wild on your stall.) While they play a parent will browse and perhaps even move on to another stall while the child is content and that few minutes peace will be rewarded.

Be a fancy pants
dress up your stall.
People will be attracted to fun displays or interesting objects.
It can also be a great ice breaker if you are shy or unconfident.

Watch this space
observe people, it's a great piece of market research.
Which people are looking at which items?
Are the children picking out the ones you thought they would?
What are people asking if you have or sell?
Dont be afraid to speak to people to get their feedback.
Particulary children they can be brutally honest!
I had a journal that i put a pretty decorative button on the front but after watching many people pick it up to try and open the journal with it i learnt it wasn't pretty but annoying!!! 

It's advertisement
if you sell at other outlets take some of their leaflets.
Drop them into the bags when they buy.
Put them on the table.
Add a note: Find me at...
Tell people you have other items at 'such & such'
chat about local venues and events. You may even find a new stockist.
IMPORTANTLY advertise the event yourself.
Tell people via social networks.
Randomly leave leaflets in suitable places - libraries, cafes etc do not litter but as you leave put one on the table or in a menu stand.
That could be the one leaflet that brings in a new customer.

I have made many new friends at craft events and it has definately expanded my social circle and helped my confidence.

Thank you Deanne and Michelle for the work you do, it is appreciated and Warkton is a gorgeous event to visit.

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Jumbleberries said...

This is a great post! Loads of great ideas and a fab reminder to look for the possibility in every situation. You've inspired me, thank you.

Jumbleberries xx