2 September 2013

PROUD very proud mummy moment

Alfie has been practising name writing.
He loves pointing out the letter A when we're out and about.
This holiday we have been on a mission.
Usually he will write his name but it isn't as simple as it sounds and it's hard because I don't want to put him off.
We try to make it fun.
Sometimes he practises while holding 4 pens at once, other times he holds the pen in mouth...
today was a breakthrough...
today was different...
today he sat at the table, got his favourite pencil and just wrote his name, no prompting from mum, just did it!!!!!!!!!!!
He even gets to wear his own
Little Star
rosette, which always puts a smile on his face.


Deanne said...

bless and what a star he is x

Househund said...

Oh my goodness, he looks so grown up in the picture.
He looks very like his mum.
Have the boys gone back to school?