31 August 2013

Recent buys.

LOVE - LOVE - LOVE - Charity Shops.
I have a particular favourite one.
Todays visit found these goodies:
One mahooosive (made up word meaning bigger than massive!) piece of fabric.
I knew it was big, the label had an alien measurement to me 'yards' but just by looking at it i knew it was big.
Look at the bright colours, they are even brighter in real life.
 Selection of Ladybird books.
These are in great condition.
Mick the disobedient puppy has a dust jacket which hides the original cream with blue writing cover. A real treat!
This photo shows some which aren't in such good condition.
As i was skimming them over my son commented
"I have never seen anyone look so happy to find ruined and damamged books!"
the scribbles, the rips, no spines = recycling.
Last month i cancelled my Mollies Makes subscription.
This one has done well as i usually only keep them for a year before changing but this magazine is more of an inspiration book to me.
BUT all good things come to an end, recently i found the projects were getting more crochet and felting. Plus other crafty magazines were having the same projects.
Which magazine do i buy now?? There are so many!!
When entering WHS to choose i was drawn to the free gift on this one.
I don't usually buy magazines for the free gifts but this one was designed by Jane Foster and i love her work.
Ironically after cancelling my subscription i end up buying the same blooming magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We recently went to Woburn and Alfie was allowed to choose a toy.
Surprisingly, he picked this one!
A cute bumble bee.
This got me wondering - why do we not have more bumble bee toys?
These cute insects are becoming extinct.
Toys could help children learn about them and not be so afraid of them.
PLUS learn the difference between cute bees and horrid wasps.
What treats have you brought recently?


Deanne said...

fab blog post and that fabric is gorgeous :)

liniecat said...

What stunning fabric buy that! lucky you, could be original 60s ish?
Good point about the bee toys. My grandson loves them but recently picked a ladybird much like your bee toy.
Im about to move and have treated myself to new tea, sugar and coffee caddies and not from a charity shop ( for once lol) but from Next ........and ONLY because they are yellow bee hives with bees on them!
Plant more british wild flowers!
Save the bees lol