19 September 2011

It's Monday...

Do you have a favourite place to hunt for bargains??
Mine is a charity shop in town: EXTRAcare Charitable Trust
Gold Street, Kettering
This week I went in and this display immediately caught my eye:

I love old books, even better old childrens books complete with handwritten sentiment in the front, some even have the name written by the child in that cute not quite got it right style.
The display was minus these 2 before I left the shop:

Why is this a sneak peek??
Because I don't think they will be there for long!

As it's Monday it must be time for...
Meet me on Monday
This week I will be:
 - a mess :
have alot of projects on the go.
- my favourite dress, cardi and coloured tights :
look better than they sound.
listening to
- The O.C. soundtracks :
favourite background music
- new Outnumbered on Iplayer
- Health visitor for Alfie 2 and half year check :
ran out of time at last appointment.
- new Craftseller UK
- lots of Tea.
- machine embroidery :
finally sussed what I was doing wrong.
- to take the 2 yr olds red book with me to Health Visitor and not 11 yr old.

Happy Monday :o)


Esme Dodsworth said...

I have so many places I like to go for treasures :-) Those books look fab a very good find!

Jumbleberries said...

Thanks for joining in with Meet Me on Monday again. Sound like you have a lot of projects on the go. Think your cardi/dress/tights combo sounds funky. And am loving the vintage children's books.

Have a great day. xx

famfa said...

Another busy lady. That red book. Where is it when you need. Love the pics of thenold children's books. Ahhh brings back lovely memories.

Miss Agatha said...

Charity shops are wonderful places to find treasures. Though my idea of lovlies is old books, fabrics, buttons and china. Some say its tat, but to me its treasure.
I do love an untidy type of charity shop, these have the best treasures!