12 September 2011

Normal blogging has been resumed...

...well the last few weeks have been a bit crazy... eldest starting senior school was the biggest factor. As parents we worry when our children start a new chapter in their life but he is enjoying this new adventure. His biggest worry was going to the wrong lesson and when this happened he realised it wasn't that bad, and he wasn't the only one!
(whispers) and I even know who asked a girl out via a note and they've only known her 4 days!  We have odds on wether she says yes or not!

This is Alfies notebook and at 2 and a half his notes make more sense than mine sometimes.
Anyway back to what I was saying:
I have been struggling to get into a routine.
There are times when I am so busy that I find myself doing nothing!
I come on the computer to email, edit photos, and catch up on blogging.
Instead I get overwhelmed and struggle to find right words to blog, editing photos becomes a bore so find myself taking a break by reading the forums and then find I've wasted too much time doing nothing!!!!!!
Nothing is getting done and I become fed up and overwhelmed by it all.

I have decided to change this and get into a routine
(not a word I use alot as I find it boring).

I am going to spend a week making...
Fridays Alfie is at Playschool so this will be my creating day.

That's the plan!! Wish me luck.

I started it last week:
This pile of journals includes:
machine stitched pictures
new styles
fun handstitching
Thanks for reading my blog, means alot to me, especially when confidence hits a low.


Bettys Delights said...

Bless ya I know that feeling and I have kids at school haha. It is hard to get into a routine. my problem is organisation haha just can't do it .Things fall into place sometimes but generally I take each day as it comes and in much of a slap dash way to .I not not mean't to be a oraganised person at all office work I hate even though I had seemed to fall into that line of work .I was an office supervisor at one point .I hated it .I liked being the team leader and working with people but hated the paper work the everyday rountine stuff .How I did it for 18 months is beyond me haha.I am definately the eccentric artist and so layed back at times I could be accused of being alseep haha. Thank you for sharing I am sure I will get round to my blog at some point haha TX

tamarajayne said...

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one! I could have written this blog myself!
I, too, hope to get a routine going instead of wasting endless hours achieving very little. I'll be watching carefully to see how you do it :)

woollyduck.com said...

I'm pretty much in the same boat at the moment with kids starting new schools. Middle one (11)had same worries as yours regarding getting lost but he's ok now! Youngest (4) is in the middle of her 'gentle induction' process of starting school which is basically 2 weeks of going some mornings, some afternoons etc. It's driving me mad! She just wants to get stuck in.

I can't wait for a new routine to fit all my work in & hopefully make,list & blog (almost) daily too!

Good luck with your new regime - making lists & plans is a good start :-)

Angela x

Quirky Boots said...

its always a pleasure to read your blog lorna :) xx cant wait for more updates x

Jumbleberries said...

Love it when a plan comes together!

Good luck with Craft Fest.

Have fun. Jumbleberries xx

Mrs Jones said...

Good for you. Sometimes a reassessment is what we all need. I'll be looking forward to your blog posts.

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

Wow, you have some very clear plans for the months ahead - all the best with putting them into action, but don't worry if they don't always go to plan :)

Gail Griggs said...

I know exactly how you feel! I'm not so organised yet to have sorted out such a great routine though. You have inspired me to get myself sorted too ...

averilpam said...

Wow, I admire you for committing to such a lot - you'll have to stick to it now you've told us about it!
I still struggle to blog once a week...

Mad Bags by Wendy said...

Know it won't help you but it is nice to know I am not the only one who gets overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done so end up achieving nothing!
Maybe I need to set myself a routine like you have done

Bev said...

I so understand where you're at - pretty much same place as me. Am trying to devote Monday as my "admin day" where I do all the boring bits and get on with the marketing etc. I love some of your blogging ideas though - but think every day for me won't work due to teaching commitments. But its giving me food for thought x