22 September 2011


These are recent projects I have made for me:
First project was a journal:
I carry around an old (hangs head) shop brought one, and thought if used one of my own creations it would serve as advertising and could be rethreaded with blank pages when full.
Charlie recently went to London for the day and while there he took many photos of old Red Buses, Telephone Boxes and the Queens Guards. He did this because he knows how much I love them.
I decided to use one of these images for a cover.
I really couldn't be bothered with the mess and waiting for the image transfer to dry so printed the image straight onto fabric.

Added a flat button to the back cover to keep covers closed (i like to keep leaflets (and other bumpf i pick up) tucked in my notebooks.

The 4 signatures each have decorative endpapers.
This one is the new Oxford range from Basic Grey (they have yet to create any papers i do not like.)

Second project I made a laptop sleeve:
Amongst my magazine collection is a copy of SEWHIP which features the perfect project. They looked easy and i, stupidly, thought not alot different to basic bags i've made in the past or my journals.
Finished result:
The reindeer was a Paperchase sale purchase years ago, it adds no purpose other than I like it...
(and if i'm honest covers up a small hole I made when forgot the ribbon would need to cover the thickness of the laptop which meant moving the button.)

The bottom picture shows the laptop sitting snugly and safely in the sleeve.
I learnt ALOT from this project.

This piece of fabric started off as the original, failed attempt, laptop sleeve...
What did i learn?
1. Measure your fabric properly, don't just guess.
2. If the fabric doesn't fit, it won't ever fit, nothing you try will make it fit.
3. The thickness of the fabric does make a difference. to a project like this.
4. Read instructions properly don't skim through them and think "Right that's easy!"
5. A laptop sleeve is NOT the same as my journals covers.
6. Not to watch House at the same time as cutting or pinning.
7. It can be finished in an evening but the time not spent on it will show in the end result.
8. There is a reason people make and sell gorgeous gadget cases and i don't.

I ended up starting again, taking my time, choosing
better fabric, enjoying the project and ending up with a useable sleeve.

Feel free to share any projects that you have attempted and failed...


famfa said...

You make me laugh. You sound like me. Rushing ahead. Not properly concentrating. But glad you got there in the end. Lovely work.

averilpam said...

Oh dear, I've too many of them to admit to!

FordieZo said...

Hi Lorna, thanks so much for following me on my new Fordie Fresh Blog! Love the journal you made, and would love to have a go at making a laptop sleeve but I just know it's beyond me! ;)
Zoe (TFT)

lilipopo said...

Those rules occur to me on a regular basis when I'm making things for myself or my family but i don't think I ever learn!! Your laptop case looks lovely, mine's still waiting for one so I'm off to look at your links!
Kate x