11 February 2013

Packaging result...

"new journal alert" 
 recycles old childrens books.

It still shocks me that children use story books as colouring books or doodle pads. This may be that i was brought up with strict instructions how to care for books.
I actually cringe when people open a new book and break the spine,
which I probably shouldn't admit outloud!
BUT in a strange way i am glad some children wreck their books because it enables me to recycle them into something lovely and practical.
I have decided to use one of these books to show off my new packaging:
and a close up
Love that it uses book pages, string, and my typewriter!!
The page has been cut using a Sizzix doily die.
Thanks for looking.


1 comment:

Louise B said...

The packaging looks lovely. I'm sure your customers will love it.