8 May 2013

an idea formed ...

... a dangerous thing, especially if i am home alone as my ideas usually involve an injury to myself or damage to something i am using!!

This time it was different, this one was going to be good.

It came about after thinking how to display my craft fair stalls.
The pile of books currently being used are very heavy to lift and display, storing them is a problem. Plus each fair i do, i look at them and know the display could be more creative, better use could be made of the space.

A random, most awesome, spontaneous, idea formed.

All that was needed - a dolls house!

Here is where thanks go to a lovely lady - Rachel.
She gave me this beauty:
It was in a state of cosmetic repair but structually sound
and even better - she didn't mind what i was about to do with it.
A few mistakes were made,
it wasn't as simple as first thought
 it was a lot of fun.
 Beware - Photo overload below:
inside attic space

inside main room/display area

close up of "shabby chic" details
(didn't want it to look too new)

side and roof close ups

 inside front

when spotting this little detail
name of previous owner
on the window pane did feel a moment of guilt at painting them ...
the hardest part of the whole project was finding one of these tiny hooks!!
After searching many stores my brother in law produced one from the depths of his shed.
The fantastically, great, result of this project is that i can put all my journals inside, close the front and --- good to go!
The attic area is a great storage place to hide items i want to keep at hand but out of view during fairs.


Deanne said...

cant wait to see that on display :) looks fab x

Jumbleberries said...

This a fab idea and having seen it in the flesh I think it is a fantastic way to display your great items - love it, love it, love it!

Jumbleberries xx

Lorna May said...

Thank you both :o)

It was great to see you on sat Jumbleberries :o)